About me


For the past hour I’ve been trying to come up with something clever to say about myself. I’m not the best writer on the planet, I’m a photographer.

Summer 2007, My brother was married in the Philippines. It was a huge wedding, probably the biggest I’ve attended. My brother hired the some of the a team of photographers from that area– something like 8 shooters .My Grandfather was in attendance that day. He no longer walked and his failing health did not permit him to stay out of the house for very long.

That was the last big event that my Grandfather attended. There was barely any photos taken of him at the wedding, he was in one formal portrait, the rest– he was just a blur in the background. That next time I saw him was with a face full of tears. I wasn’t mad at the photographers, I was mad at myself, and I wish I cherished the last moments we had together.

Which is why I decided to be a photographer. Because as time goes by, our memories become harder to remember, and sometimes a photo is the best way to unlock that one detail that brings back the emotions, the sensations, the laughs, and sometimes the tears from that moment.

While the technical stuff can be fun, it’s the content that really matters.

john lawrence cudal

This is my only portrait with just me and my Grandfather. I sincerely wish I had more.




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