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We photographed Lisa and Kimo’s Destination Wedding in Las Vegas this past fall.

The day started out as most weddings do, I noticed it was a bit cloudy for that day, but it was fine because I figured it was a good way to be spared from that Vegas heat we’re all so familiar with.

Everybody involved in the wedding was a bit more on the wild side- which I enjoyed. Lots of goofy moments, which to me, are the best in weddings. It’s nice to be able to slow down and enjoy those silent magical moments between a bride and groom but sometimes, it feels great to be able to laugh out loud- (not text message LOL where you just chuckle silently, but a hysterical cackle.)

Right before the first kiss, the clouds became dark and we heard thunder. And as soon as they shared their first kiss it began to pour.

The rain didn’t stop Lisa or Kimo. A little rain never hurt anyone so we all got a laugh out of it and proceeded with the rest of the wedding.

My favorite moment of this wedding was their wedding cake- or actually the lack of it. We were all crazy hungry and needed something to put in our stomachs. Now, because Lisa and Kimo’s reception was taking place at a later date, I wasn’t going to be able to cover their first cut of the wedding cake. What to do… what to do… I came up with the idea that instead of a cake, we’ll just do their first slice of pizza together! Lisa took a bite from Kimo’s slice and Kimo took a bite from Lisa’s. It was adorable. We’ve also seen the cake, cupcakes sometimes, but how many of us have seen pizza for this part of the wedding?

This wedding, like Las Vegas, was all about having fun and making memories. I’m just thankful I got to be part of it.

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one of the bridesmaids signing Lisa and kimo’s Custom Engagement Session Guestbook from John Cudal Photography.

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Something out of the Ordinary. :) Dave+Lina’s Wedding Video at the Admiral Baker Golf Course

August 26th, 2011

Video is not something I normally do, I took on a special request for Lina and David. They had their beautiful ceremony at the Admiral Baker Golf Course in San Diego. I hope you enjoy their video and afterwards, take a look at the other gorgeous weddings I’ve covered 🙂


I did my very first wedding video for Lina and David a few months back.

Lina and David met years ago. Built on a very strong relationship, this couple lasted through months of no visual contact when David would be out on deployments.

I support military couples 100%. I believe that they have the potential to be strongest relationships on the planet. It takes a special woman to hold on for a man an extraordinary man who goes off on deployment.

lina+dave from john lawrence on Vimeo.