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Sean and Kate met six years ago while jogging at the beach. They ran into each other (pun intended, I know…lame) while stopping at a drinking fountain.

From there they hit it off and found out how much they had in common…

… They both are infatuated with lemon meringue pies.

…they love french vanilla in their coffee….

…and of course, after a busy week, they enjoyed long jogs at the beach to clear their minds.

Kate is a small business owner in Glendale and Sean is a hardhat diver for the US NAVY. They both come from very busy lives and are used to enjoying themselves as much as they can when the opportunity presents itself.

Busy lives means less time for photos, with only an hour and fifteen minutes, we set off for a quick yet still very romantic shoot in Laguna Beach.

I loved today’s location. The buildings around the streets of Laguna Beach are a thing of wonder. No two are the same, modern designs next to seventy year old houses provide an interesting setting for photos.

We finished the day watching the sun slowly dip below the horizon as we sat on the rocks at the beach.

laguna beach


laguna beach


laguna beach

These images were shot alongside Miguel Pola of Miguel Pola Photographers.


laguna beach


laguna beach


laguna beach





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