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Mesh and Nina’s Storybook Delivery

December 31st, 2010

I met up with Nina and Mesh to hand them their album. That night was the first night that Disney would have their holiday decor up, I took advantage of the romantic mood set by the Christmas Lights and the live saxophonist.


I had a chance to meet Nina & Mesh again to deliver their album. My Office is currently under development so I had to meet them in a public place.

I decided to meet them at Downtown Disney in Anaheim. That was the first night that Disneyland will have its Christmas Decoration up.

The cold weather couple,gorgeous light decor, and a romantic sax player created the mood.

As I gave Nina & Mesh their albums, I decided to step back and take some photos as they view their album for the first time.

Here’s a quick excerpt from a message that Nina sent me regarding her Albums:

“HEY John!! Omg they loved it.. Especially my mom.. She was soooo so excited when she and my dad were looking through it because I hadn’t shown them every photo yet. They were BLOWN away by the fact that the book spread that photo out of us sitting on the log across the front cover and back cover..They didn’t know photographs were actually going to be the pages themselves in a storybook organization like that!! They were so impressed and really enjoyed the story it portrayed, especially because they have a lot of memories themselves visiting me at UCSD when i was away at school and at meeting mesh there. My mom and my sister were pouring over every aspect they liked about each page for an hr straight.. Actually my sister was on skype for awhile just showing her boyfriend each page individually, flipping through each page in the book and holding it up to the webcam hahaha. Thank you again so much John… It’s such a sweet, magical album…Seriously. Mesh loves it too, he’s so proud about it. He’s actually already packaged it to ship out to the family abroad…

disney engagements

disney engagements

Thanks Again for reading my blog! Hope you enjoyed your stay 🙂