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Something out of the Ordinary. :) Dave+Lina’s Wedding Video at the Admiral Baker Golf Course

August 26th, 2011

Video is not something I normally do, I took on a special request for Lina and David. They had their beautiful ceremony at the Admiral Baker Golf Course in San Diego. I hope you enjoy their video and afterwards, take a look at the other gorgeous weddings I’ve covered 🙂


I did my very first wedding video for Lina and David a few months back.

Lina and David met years ago. Built on a very strong relationship, this couple lasted through months of no visual contact when David would be out on deployments.

I support military couples 100%. I believe that they have the potential to be strongest relationships on the planet. It takes a special woman to hold on for a man an extraordinary man who goes off on deployment.

lina+dave from john lawrence on Vimeo.