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Alex and Espy met a decade ago in the Philippines. Espy worked in the United States as an accountant and Alex is a Catholic priest.

The young couple fell in love but could not express it because of Alex’s profession.

After years of holding it in, Alex finally decided to tie the knot with Espy.  But this was no easy task. Alex, faced a task that would strengthen their bond.

Alex had to go to the Vatican, in Italy to have the Catholic Church approve his wedding. After a trip around the world, Alex was now cleared to be wedded to Espy.

Which brings us to this bright day in beautiful Southern California, where Espy and Alex are wedded at St Bartholomew. Followed by a beautiful reception at the Summit House in Orange County.

I’ve never seen soo much love and happiness in a wedding. I felt that it was extra romantic that their first kiss as husband and wife was their actual first kiss.

Alex smiled the whole day, he laughed and enjoyed every moment of his wedding and with every chance he got, he hugged his long awaited bride.
















This wedding was shot alongside Hydee Abrahan from Studio 1003 Photography.